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Ievgen Yamamoto

Ievgen Yamamoto

Development Lead and Managing Partner at CQUELLE GmbH

Software Engineer and Software Architect in Hamburg, Germany

Likes creating software, working with people and all the magic people can do if they want it.


Hello, I’m Ievgen Yamamoto, and this is my personal home page.

Anything I do in my profession now I do with fun. And most important for me is to see that I can, and I do, help other people and companies.

Here I write preliminary short stories about software development and experience that require a short amount of time to publish. I try to extract the essential part of my message and put aside the things that matter less within a context.

I do hope you’ll find some information from my website helpful.
If you have some opinions to share with me, please do so. I’d be happy to hear back from you.
My contact information is available here.
Enjoy the reading.

Kind Regards,